Does Modafinil help improve memory?

Most often, people complain about their memory after 50 years, but many face this problem after thirty. Whom to believe in when choosing the remedies? What really works and what does not?

A modern person needs to memorize huge amounts of information. Due to the fact that it is impossible to keep everything in mind, there are often troubles at home and at work. This applies not only to people of mature age – students suffer as well. Evolution has simply not yet had time to adapt the human brain to such stresses. So how to be? Whether it is possible to drink a course of tablets and to increase productivity, to become more attentive, to remember everything better and even think faster.

To date, many studies are devoted to the so-called correctors of violations of cognitive functions, which are designed to improve memory and mental abilities. Such drugs include Donepezil, Memantine, and Modafinil; they are available in many pharmacies. The drugs are even used to treat Alzheimer’s disease. The patients receiving such drugs were marked by slight improvements in memory and attention. Nevertheless, such substances do not stop the development of the disease, but only slow them down for a short time. For example, it was proved that the medicine really helps memorize words better. However, it turned out that only if the patient had a pleasant emotion and thought about it. Scientists figured out whether this type of medication helps elderly people drive a car and focus on the traffic situation: unfortunately, the medicine was not any more effective than the placebo. Does Modafinil help improve memory?

Among all these drugs of this group, the most effective is Modafinil. According to the developers, it has almost a miraculous effect. It not only improves attention, working memory, and clarity of consciousness, stay awake and not sleep for a long time, it also struggles with fatigue and even increases the patient’s confidence in him or herself. In fact, this is the safest light drug. There is evidence that Modafinil was used by astronauts and the military, in particular, in French and American secret operations, when soldiers must be without sleep for many hours.

There is another drug that improves memory, a placebo. In other words, a dummy. British scientists gathered a group of elderly people: only half of them were given an “empty” pill aimed at improving memory. The other half did not get anything. In a complex test for remembering the sequence of actions, those who received the tablet showed better results. This experience shows that expectations and psychological mood play a big role in the cognitive activity. As we all know, stereotypes about deterioration and even loss of memory during aging are very common. Both young and old people think so. So these prejudices may well affect the results. While placebo helps patients cope with negative expectations, disseminating information to the public will prove more useful in the long term. To date, few people have written about the positive aspects of aging. But the more people know about the aging process of the brain, the sooner they will be able to rethink certain stereotypes.

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