The main risk of taking antipsychotics

Neuroleptics, or antipsychotics, are medications used to treat mental disorders. As a rule, they are used for psychoses, neurotic syndromes, schizophrenia, as well as for getting rid of hallucinations. A particularly popular drug from this area is Modafinil, available in pharmacies even online. But what is the main danger of taking such drugs?

History of appearance

Neuroleptics appeared relatively recently – in the middle of the last century. The first such drug chlorpromazine began to be widely used as a soothing agent. Then Reserpine appeared, and at the end of the 1950s, it was replaced by other antipsychotics of the first generation: Haloperidol, Trifluoperazine, etc. The term “neuroleptic” itself arose in 1967: it was called drugs not only having antipsychotic effects but also causing some neurological disorders.

Previously, neuroleptics were also called “large tranquilizers”, since they relieve anxiety, have a strong soothing and hypnotic effect, and induce ataraxia – a special state of indifference. Now, this term in relation to neuroleptics is not used.

Treatment with antipsychotics

Treatment with antipsychotics should be conducted under the supervision of an experienced specialist, as these are very serious drugs, and their incorrect application can cause great harm: the symptoms of the disease will not only disappear but also, on the contrary, intensify.

Remember: antipsychotics should not be taken with insomnia. You cannot use two antipsychotics at once or more. In America, it is forbidden to use neuroleptics for dementia to correct behavioral and psychological disorders.

Danger of use

Neuroleptics, which have an effect on the brain, have a significant number of serious side effects. The intake of typical neuroleptics, especially prolonged, intensifies the negative disorders and causes serious impairment of brain functions. At the same time with the withdrawal of neuroleptics, disorders do not pass.

The risk of serious complications increases with the joint use of typical and atypical antipsychotics.

Studies conducted on macaques showed that with the use of neuroleptics for 2 years, the weight and volume of the brain decreased by 8-11%.

The withdrawal syndrome

One of the disadvantages of taking antipsychotics is withdrawal syndrome, as when they are used, there is a strong physiological and psychological dependence, similar to the narcotic. There is a typical “breaking”: the patient suffers from nausea, intestinal disorders, bone pain, insomnia. He or she becomes aggressive or falls into depression, tearfulness.

That’s why you cannot stop taking neuroleptics abruptly. The dose should be reduced gradually, so as not to experience a strong sense of discomfort. In some cases, antidepressants may even be needed.

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