Influence of Modafinil on other drugs

Your attending physician is most likely known about all the interactions of Modafinil with other medicines & controls the treatment that you receive. You should not start taking any medication, never cancel it yourself & in no case change the prescript dosage of medications without a consultation with a doctor.

Before starting Modafinil, it’s necessary to inform your doctor or specialist in the pharmacy about all prescription you have, over the counter & phyto preparations you are receiving. It especially concerns taking such medications as ones:

  • for blood pressure lowering
  • dangerous illegal drugs
  • that influence the liver enzymes activity
  • involved in the Modafinil removal from your body.

Modafinil is able to accelerate or slow down the excretion of various drugs from your body; it also may affect the certain hepatic enzymes’ activity. Some of these medicines may include different types of strong antidepressants.

Avoid any monoamine oxidase inhibitors for the term of two weeks before & after taking Modafinil, do not mix them as well. This may cause a serious (potentially fatal) drug interaction.

Influence of Modafinil on other drugs The remedy is able to reduce the desired effect of taking contraceptives on the hormonal basis. This can easily lead the patient to unwanted and even dangerous pregnancy. During the drug reception & for one month after its end (the complete end of admission), the use of other most reliable contraceptive methods may be required. For more detailed explanations, contact your physician or pharmacist. Please note: male sperm is completely renewed within three days. This means that after taking the drug, should take at least three days before you can try to get pregnant. Until this time, sexual intercourse for the purpose of pregnancy & without a condom is undesirable, since Modafinil can permanently penetrate the woman’s body & subsequently adversely affect the development of the fetus & the health of the child.

Refine the data on the composition of all the medicines you take (remedies for a cough or even food additives) since they can have inside some components that are able to increase the blood pressure & your heart rate. You had better ask your doctor to ensure that this remedy is suitable & safe for you.

Avoid consuming too many liquids with caffeine (coffee, tea, coca-cola). This component is able to enhance the side effects.

In the regard of possible risks, it is strongly recommended to inform your doctor if you take any other drugs. You had better keep a list of all medications you take with you so that if necessary, you can acquaint the doctor with it.

If you are already pregnant or have found that you are pregnant, during the use of the drug, it is strongly recommended that you stop taking Modafinil & seek medical help.

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